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We implement modern technologies, and that is another reason brokers and traders trust our platform. It’s a reliable and secure place to work with your funds on a regular basis. There have never been any hacks in our software due to regular updates, constant testing, and monitoring. This is an innovative solution for brokers and their partners working with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Data from multiple platforms can be tracked simultaneously and compiled into a single report. The ability to analyze such data at a glance will help you make better decisions and increase business revenues.

Boost Trading Volume with Autochartist Signals and Copy Trading

  1. XCritical AMS generates strategies according to your specific goals.
  2. The most critical factors in trading are stability and security.
  3. The same CRM can also use it to manage and promote cryptocurrency exchanges, exchangers, and other financial services.
  4. Whether you’re curious about XCritical features or would like to see a demo — we are here to answer all your questions.
  5. A user-friendly interface and intuitive design make trading enjoyable.

XCritical is the perfect choice for brokers controlled by different regulators. And on top of that, with a quick and easy setup process, you can be up and running in just two days. XCritical is an innovative trading platform designed with traders’ needs in mind. A full arsenal of technical analysis tools will help you get the most out of any market situation! With advanced trading features like Autochartist, Signal Swipe, and compatibility with all devices, you can trade from anywhere, anytime. The VOIP-telephony module provides a reliable connection that improves the quality of communication and its efficiency.

xCritical customer reviews: what do people write

A user-friendly interface and intuitive design make trading enjoyable. XCritical Affiliates Management System is designed to increase clients traffic and ultimately, revenue. All system tools are built into a simple, user-friendly interface, making for a painless integration with your existing workflows. Our xCritical review proves that the service is legit and does not cheat its clients.

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Utilizing the infrastructure of the larger service provider, you benefit from their expertise and experience in the market. By utilizing a white-label cryptocurrency exchange, the cost of setting up the platform is significantly reduced. Quick to set up, allowing businesses to get to market quickly. White label forex providers are subject to regulatory oversight, helping businesses adhere to the appropriate rules and regulations. The system design makes this integration easy to implement, so the entire process can be accomplished in no time.

Was xCritical caught cheating its clients?

“The service is a great addition to the standard software options that are provided by most brokers. It has better features, a simpler design, and is more efficient. There is no delay in the order execution and I have never experienced any freezes while using it”. Third, the company guarantees top security for all its clients. The software is regularly checked for breaches and is constantly updated to prevent potential hacks.

White label is cost-effective, which helps businesses save on both cost and time. White label provides businesses with a competitive edge in their respective markets. Using white label forex solutions gives the ability to gain visibility and promote your brand. XCritical CRM provides advanced customer acquisition capabilities. You can enhance your advertising effectiveness by automatically assigning statuses, selecting different advertising channels, and taking advantage of pre-designed landing pages.

We collect data on digital assets, systematize it, and make it easily usable for you. You can get access to the world’s major exchanges using our API. This service will help you to initiate transactions between exchanges, compare quotes, place orders and track order history in a convenient format.

He has more than 10 years of experience in trading and helps people get rich. Anna’s lessons, interesting articles in the field of financing will always help you manage your money properly. Users can set up the market and implement a stop limit, as well as limit orders. Your customers will appreciate having the possibility to work with XCritical along with other platforms. Whether you’re curious about XCritical features or would like to see a demo — we are here to answer all your questions.

This guarantees that the money that is used within the platform will not suddenly disappear. The only way to lose your funds is by withdrawing them or trading badly. Nearly 50% of teams improved their performance after using a Forex CRM system. For instance, the sales department could quickly get all the required information about leads to turn them into a customer.

However, there are also negative reviews about xCritical on the Google app store. These reviews hint at the xCritical cheating, xCritical scam or xCritical scammers allegations. Second, the company is officially registered in Cyprus and provides all the required documentation on its xCritical website. You can learn more about the terms and conditions of working with the company there.

Your users can perform crypto currency trades at current market rates, or set their own desired rates, limits, and issue stop orders. During our review, we have also checked the security of the platform. The company claims that it is completely safe and has no issues within it. We know about many situations where platforms were hacked and people lost their money, so we couldn’t ignore this part. The security part is constantly updated here and there are no issues that we could find.

No worries about the complexity of developing the infrastructure from scratch; the launch is faster with fewer xcritical resources. Launch your exchange quickly without worrying about building the infrastructure from scratch.

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